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Staff Ready Instruction Manual (SIM)

Mandatory Policies and Procedures

  1. Introduction
    Welcome to Staff Ready, This document is the Staff Ready Instruction Manual (or SIM), and is the “go to” document which will help you understand how our Company operates, and what your roles and responsibilities will be if you are offered an Assignment. It outlines, for example, how you will interact with us through the Portal, discusses how we will pay you, and states what is expected of you in terms of appearance and conduct. 

    If you have accepted an Assignment, the contents of the SIM will apply to you. This is emphasized in the Staff Services Terms, which can be found at Annex 1 of the Agency Agreement (the document you signed when you first registered with the Company). The SIM and other contractual documents can be accessed via the Portal once your registration has been completed. We may from time to time update the contents of the SIM and will do our best to notify you where we have made any changes.  

    It is very important for you to understand that we have a Company Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Code), which can be found in section 9. The Code establishes the grounds on which you may receive a warning, have your Fees deducted, or have your Assignment and/or your profile terminatedYou should therefore closely read the behavioral, ethics, uniform, and grooming sections of the SIM, as well as the sections relating to cancelling or be late to an Assignment. 

  2. Staff Ready App
    The Portal, which you should now have registered on, is the software that allows us to work smoothly together. All interactions between the Company and both Candidates and Staff will be managed through the Portal. The Portal can be accessed through your web browser, or you can download the Portal App by following the links to the Apple or Android app stores at the bottom of this sectionIf you are a Candidate simply looking for an Assignment, you may not need the App yet (although we do recommend it), but if you have accepted an Assignment (now a Staff) the App is a mandatory requirement. 

    Staff will find themselves regularly logging into and using the Portal (via the App) because it manages key Assignment related matters such as postings, Assignment availability and time sheets etcBelow you will find some important information about the Portal and a description of some of the processes required to successfully complete an assignment 

    Important note 

    • you must be connected to the internet prior to arriving at work, and through the entire shift until you check out 
    • for your shift check in/out process to be carried out properly your GPS/location must be ON 
    • for receiving shift updates you must have your phone notifications switched on at all times. 

    Below is a brief example of some of the Portal features and operations: 

    • View and apply to multiple assignments   
    • Communicate with us 
    • Process your payment instantly 
    • View postings and updates by Staff Ready 
    • Check in/out of shifts 


    Check out the Portal User Guide by opening the highlighted hyperlinks to help you understand more on how to navigate The Portal or to clarify any issues you may have. Below is a more detailed example of the process you will go through when using the Portal before, during, and after an Assignment: 

    1. Upload files to your profile  
    2. You apply or are selected for aAssignment 
    3. You log on to either confirm or reject the Assignment 
    4. You check in at the start of your shift 
    5. You work the shift 
    6. You check out at the end of your shift 
    7. You log in to upload pictures & complete surveys 
    8. Claim any expenses (upon justification approved) 
    9. Mark the shift as complete You apply for more Assignments 

    De-activating-deleting your profile : You can delete your profile using a browser by following these steps: my profile > settings > deactivate my account. You can also email us and we will complete this action for you.  If your profile is deleted there will no longer be anactive contract in place between yourself and the Company.  Please note that your profile cannot be deleted whilst you are engaged on an Assignment.  

    For all above enquiries, you can always reach uon +971585673239 or submit your inquiry through our virtual chat on  within working hours.

  3. Accept/Confirm an AssignmentOnce you are confirmed and booked for an Assignment, by signing the Assignment Specification document in the Portal, you must ensure that you are 100% available to perform the AssignmentYour failure to attend will result in withheld or non-payment of Fees for those days you are not in attendance. Your failure to attend for any shifts without suitable notice will result in the termination of the Assignment and you will be replaced for the remaining duration of the Assignment. If for whatever reason you cannot attend an Assignment you must provide us your written notice in no less than 24 hours before the start of the Assignment 
  4.  Assignment Cancellation
    An immediate notice must be given to the company as soon as you become aware you cannot carry out an assignment due to illness or incapacity, or unavailability or any reason. Staff must inform the Company if you cannot perform a shift or want to cancel an Assignment at least 24 hours in advance.  

    Penalties or account terminatiomay apply should you not comply with the company’s terms. 

    We may also terminate an Assignment in our sole discretion at any stage. 

  5. Payment Terms
    ➣Payment to be provided as per the agreed rate/package specified in the Assignment Specification
    ➣The Company 
    will make reasonable efforts to pay you within one week of receiving payment from Client or unless stated otherwise in the Assignment Specification
    ➣Payment of your Fees will be linked to the Company receiving the payment from the Client. Therefore, if the Client has not paid the Company, you will not get paid
    ➣No cash paymentor cheques are available from the Company
    Unclaimed payments after 6 months will be reclaimed by the Company

    ➣If you have failed to meet out mandatory policies and procedures (see uniform and grooming guidelines) punctuality, behavior, the Company has the right to deduct sums from any Fees due
    ➣If you have any disputes relating to your Fees, please send an email with the Assignment Specification to 

    Payment suggestions: 

    If you do not have bank account, which is our only form of payment to Staffyou can download Hayyak or LIV (ENBD) (ADCB) on your mobile and provide your EID.  Please send across your bank account details to if you have not done so during registration or update your payment info on your profile.  

    If you are facing any issues, please reach out to or call (+971)58 5673239.  

  6. Shift Reporting

    Staff must arrive on site 30 minutes before their duty on the first day of their assignment (due to their induction training) and 15 minutes on the following days. 

    Staff must inform the Company of any delays.

  7. Late and Fees deductions
    You will be entitled to breaks with the accordance of UAE Law, this will be detailed in the Assignment Specification which will take precedence over the following basic information: 
    • Staff are entitled to have 30minute break for an Assignment between 5-8 hours 
    • Staff are entitled to have 1 hour break for an Assignment of 8 -10 hours 
    • All breaks schedule is subject to change and will be shared in the Assignment Specification, however the Client may ultimately decide when it is suitable for you to take your break 
    • Your phone GPS will have to be used via your Portal account during the check-in/out process so it is important to keep your phone charged, and connected to the internet at those times 
    • Overbreak, or arriving late to the Assignment, will be subject to the Fee deductions outlined below, which will be applied to the hour, or the hours, that you have been late within: 


    ➣1-15mins late =10% of hourly rate will be deducted
    16-30mins late = 20% of hourly rate will be deducted
    31-60mins late= 50% of hourly rate will be deducted
    61mins or more= hourly rate will be deducted

  8. Your Behavioral Staff Obligations
9. Company Code of Ethics and Business Conduct The Company Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Code) provides a framework for you to meet to ensure you are providing professional services to the Client and do not damage your own reputation, and that of the Company. The Code defines basic requirements for your services conduct and serves as a foundation for the Company policies, guidelines and procedures, as well as legal and ethical responsibilities. The below table sets out our code of conduct. The first box identifies those actions which will result in a warning and the second warning may result in a termination of the Assignment and non-payment of Fees. We may also decide to delete your profile form the Portal. These are the less the serious offences and you will receive a written warning where they occur. The second box contains those actions which can result in immediate Assignment termination with non-payment and profile deleted from the Portal.

*If Staff have any concerns with any warning or Fees deduction they have received as a result of failing to comply with the Code, they will have an opportunity to raise this issue with the Company. Staff must outline in writing why they believe a warning or Fees deduction was unfair and email it to

*It is within the Company’s discretion to reconsider/waive any warning or Fees deduction on a case-by-case basis

10. Health and Safety

Staff must comply at all times with health and safety procedures and instructions provided by either the Company or the Client.

The Company takes no responsibility for providing medication or treatment in case you acquired any viruses or diseases while performing your duty. It is your responsibility to be in a good healthy state when accepting and performing an Assignment for Staff Ready.

It is your responsibility to be healthy and avoid getting sick.

You must confirm that you are symptom free and are safe from COVID-19 and other viruses and diseases that may affect your working condition or which may contaminate other people around you. This will take place in the form of a Covid questioner which we will provide to you. A Covid test may need to be provided prior to accepting an Assignment or prior to the start of an Assignment.

Please make sure you comply with all UAE and Client Covid-19 regulations to maintain maximum health and safety measures.

11. Personal Hygiene on an Assignment

You are kindly requested to respect yourself and others by following the basic principles of personal cleanliness:


· Don’t sneeze or cough without covering your nose and mouth.

· Do clean up after yourself.

· Do regularly wipe down your workstation.

· Do use sanitizer provided for you.

· Do use deodorant.

12. Staff Uniform and Grooming Guidelines

The Company has a strict Uniform and Grooming Standard that Staff must follow for every Assignment

unless specified in the Assignment Specification.

Important Notes:

1. Male & female Staff should have their own formal black uniform and white-collar button shirt. (see uniform & grooming guidelines below)

2. Male Staff should have their own formal black leather lace up shoes

3. Female Staff should have their own black formal dress, black ballerina-type shoes, and black formal medium heel shoes

4. The Company does not ordinarily provide uniforms, however if these are provided by the Company or Client, they must be returned clean and in good condition on the last day of the Assignment, or as agreed with the Company